Math FAQs

What program is used for instruction?
The Title Ia Math program uses a new-to-our-district program called Number Worlds
Who provides the instruction?
Miss Amy LaPrell, Title Ia Math Interventionist
Mrs. Neisha Strom, Title Ia Math Interventionist
When is my child taken for instruction?

Groups are not taken during direct instruction. We have made every effort to pull groups during their math independent practice time, however; due to scheduling, a few groups are taken out during other subject areas.

How often does my child receive instruction?

Most groups receive 30 minutes of instruction 5 days a week.

How big are the groups?

Some of our groups are a little larger as both of the interventionists work with them at once. In most of our groups, the ratio between interventionist and student is 1:3.

How was my child selected?

Every child, K-6 completes a beginning-of-year assessment through the Everyday Math program. These assessments were examined along with other factors from the child’s previous school year including teacher concern. This created a list of students that were then evaluated using the Number Worlds screening tools. Through a combination of all of this information, the lowest 10% or 20%of students in each grade level were selected to receive an intervention.

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